AccuTime uses atomic clock time services through the Internet to maintain the accuracy of your PC time settings.

You can set AccuTime to automically check and correct your system time or do it yourself manually at any time.

There are 18 time servers to choose from and you can add your own. Turn on Synchronization Logging to track adjustments made over a period of time.

Here are some key features of "AccuTime":

■ Automatic or Manual Corrections - Check and correct your PCs time at startup, or anytime manually, keeping appointments and alarms on time.

■ World Times - Display the current time for any major city in the world and know the best time to call or send email.

■ Alarm Clock - Never be late again! Set multiple alarms to play a sound, launch a file, or even play an MP3.

■ Two Stopwatches - Track time and billing, limit meetings, or time a contest.

■ Skinable Interface - Customize the interface with any of the 4 additional skins provided with AccuTime


■ 15 days trial / 30 runs