Ace Screensaver is a software that provides you an easy way to create and configure photo screensavers the way you like.

Ace Screensaver offers the ability to scale picture sizes, choose to cycle your pictures at random, adjust the time between each image, set the background color, create a list of your own transitions from the 80 available transitional effects, and adjust the transition speed to suit your computers; also, features include the option to play sounds files as background music, thumbnail previewing, screensaver password protection, and more.

Ace Screensaver gives you the ability to create your own self-installing executable(.exe) screensaver and send to your family and friends. It also allows you to save and load any previous screensaver settings.

The way Ace Screensaver operates is simple: first of all you have to collect a set of images in JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg), GIF (.gif) or BITMAP (.bmp) format; then Ace Screensaver reads them and make a slide show screensaver. You can also add .MP3, .WAV .RMI and .MIDI sounds files to your screensavers.


■ 15 days trial