Personal files should remain personal regardless if you’re at work or at home, and they need to be kept private. To do this, you can encrypt them using a complex algorithm or you can simply hide them in plain sight.

Ace Secret Disk is an application that is capable of creating a hidden disk on your computer’s hard drive which can only be accessed by you.

Ace Secret Disk is designed to be used by just about anyone as it is easy to install and work with. It displays a highly comprehensive interface which makes it appealing and offers a certain degree of intuitivity.

From a main window you are able to create as many secret disks as you want and easily manage them and their content. With just a click you can open a disk in order to take out or add files as well as import an entire folder or export everything from it.

Ace Secret Disk enables you to fully protect any kind of file that you can copy or move from its location to the secret drive. Whenever you create a disk, you are required to add a password which you need to insert every time you want to make a modification.

You can assign a custom name for it and choose the hard drive partition on which you wish to create the virtual disk.

It’s worth mentioning that you need to be careful with the import and export functions. The moment you want to add an entire folder to the secret disk, it is moved and not copied. Ace Secret Disk can be used as a secure backup solution but only if you copy what you need to the disk. Otherwise, you might find that deleting the secret disk leaves you without the files.

To sum things up, Ace Secret Disk is easy to handle and provides a very quick way in which you can protect files of any size by hiding them on your computer.