Acoustic Bridge is a lightweight and very easy to understand piece of software whose main purpose consists of offering you a simple method of sending and receiving sound between network-enabled PCs.

The application features a very clear-cut and accessible interface, the main window allowing you to choose which task you wish to perform, either send or receive.

When closed, Acoustic Bridge retreats to the system tray, letting you access it with a simple click and start / stop the process, or configure the functioning preferences.

In order to work with the program, you really do not need any special knowledge or experience, as all you need to do after having launched it, is to pick whether your computer will act as source or target. However, bear in mind that Acoustic Bridge needs to be installed on both machines for the operation to work.

To send sound to another PC, you need to input its machine name, as displayed in the main window of the utility, along with the corresponding passcode, then press the ‘Save Changes’ button, which will grant you access to its speakers.

If, on the contrary, you wish to be on the receiving end, you can simply supply the source machine with your information, computer name and passcode. To stop the operation, you can use the context menu option, by checking or unchecking ‘Send Audio When Receiver Is Online’.

To conclude, Acoustic Bridge is an effective and very user-friendly application that can successfully assist you in transferring sound, be it music from media players, chat conversations or other similar sources.

It requires minimal effort on your part and works seamlessly every time, making it easier to listen to your favorite music even when your collection is not within reach.