Act On File is a complex file management utility that enables its users to perform various actions, such as file encryption, decryption, compression, decompression and backups.

The application opts for a clean and well-organized interface. Even though it comes with a set of advanced features, the intuitive settings make sure that it can be configured by any type of users, even beginners.

Simply choose one of the many available operations from the drop-down menu, and then proceed with your task. After the task has been selected, you can import the desired files and folders to the main panel using the browsing button or drag-and-drop support. Once the files and folders are added, information can be analyzed, such as name, type, size, attributes and path.

Act On File is a software app that gives its users the possibility to view and set attributes (hidden, read-only), compare files and folders, sign files, verify signatures, compress items, extract archives, as well as encrypt and decrypt files.

More than that, it can be used to securely remove your private files from your computer, back up and restore your items, as well as split and join several files together.

Personalized settings can be set for each of the available tools. For example, in the case of encryption, you can choose the algorithm type, key length (minimum 512 bits, maximum 16384 bits), file destination, and mode (e.g. CBC, ECB).

During our evaluation, we have noticed that the program carries out tasks very quickly and no errors showed up throughout the entire process. It doesn’t eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so it does not slow down the overall performance of the computer.

To sum it up, Act On File is an application that offers its users a wide range of file management actions.