Forgetting the password of an important file can prove disastrous, as you cannot access the private data it stores. Fortunately, there are certain ways to recover passwords for specific files, one of them being ACT Password Recovery.

The application allows you to recover the lost passwords of your PAD files, or database-specific ones, such as ADF or BLB. In order to properly function, the program requires Sage ACT! installed on your computer.

ACT Password Recovery can help you find out or even remove the password protection of certain Sage Act!-specific file formats, such as PAD, ADF or BLB.

By simply pointing the application to the encrypted file, you can remove its password protection on the spot. This can have a multitude of uses, as you can recover data that would otherwise be lost in case you have forgotten your password.

With the help of ACT Password Recovery, you can restore certain passwords or even remove them, in order to access the data that they encrypted. The application will display you with information used to gain access to a file, such as the username or password that protected the file.

Aside from this,you can use the program to access the content of certain old PAD, ADF or BLB files, whose password is lost, forgotten or irredeemable. As an example, you can recover the password of very old files that might contain relevant data.

To draw a conclusion, ACT Password Recovery provides you with the tools necessary to find out the password of your Sage Act!-specific files, regardless of its length or composing characters.