Action Pro provides the tools you need to build 3D motion paths and combine them with 2D objects to create impressive 3D animations that can be then exported to full-featured editors.

Working with Action Pro is intuitive and easy, although there are some functions that might not be available during the Beta stage. For your convenience, the application displays instructions on how to start a new project within its main window.

The interface is split into multiple panels with different purposes. The preview area is generous and allows you to view the motion paths you create in 3D, while the project timeline is situated below it, along with the basic playback controls.

Once you have created your animation, you can start recording 3D motion paths with the built-in recorder, based on the movement of your two axis mouse or the output of a Leap Motion controller. The recordings are saved alongside the main project and can be renamed as you consider fit.

To include a recording in your timeline, you can either hit the "Drop" button in the recording's box, which makes that recording be sent to all the timeline sections, or use drag and drop to place it exactly where you want. Additional parameters enable you to change the length multiplier and reverse the recording.

Action Pro allows you to record real-world motion, either using a mouse or a Leap Motion controller, and turn it into compelling 2D or 3D animations without having to deal with a ton of settings and options. And thanks to the GPU-accelerated engine, you can interpolate and stretch your animations without compromising on the quality of playback.