One of the ways to increase your productivity is to monitor how much time you spend actually working, so you can remove any distractions in the long run.

Active Computer Usage Time Tracker is one of many apps that can help you keep an eye on how much time you spend on your PC.

This application was designed to be as intuitive as possible, so as to encourage even those with little PC skills to monitor their computer usage.

You can start or stop tracking by simply pressing the dedicated buttons within the main window, while also getting the possibility to reset timer when you want to start a new working day.

A nifty function of this utility is automatically generating a report that allows you to analyze the PC usage for each previous day. Moreover, you can even enter the date you are interested in and jump directly to it, so you no longer need to manually search for it within the graph.

Furthermore, you can browse the list with all the software that was used throughout a certain day, along with the total usage time and the exact moments through the day when they were most used.

Another feature of Active Computer Usage Time Tracker is that it can monitor all user accounts, so you can rest assured that switching to a different user profile does not affect the overall usage time. You can also set the app to run automatically when the OS is loaded, for all or for specified users.

In a nutshell, this application can help you monitor your computer usage time even if you are not an expert user. You can examine your performance for previous days, even if you worked from a different PC account, so you can improve your efficiency.