Activ E-Book Compiler is a highly-featured, smart and powerful softwarefor creating E-Books.

Active E-Book Compiler represents the best solution to create ebooks.

Here are some key features of "Active E Book Compiler":

■ Incredibly easy to use

■ A turnkey system that any aspiring electronic publisher can use

■ Comes with complete instructions

■ Unlimited E-Books: Create as many E-Books as you want.

■ Royalty Free: There are absolutely no royalties or on-going fees to use the system.

■ Easy Distribution: Each E-Book is a self-contained Windows program. You can distribute them on any media you like, including by Internet download, by e-mail, floppy disk, CD-ROMs, ZIP disks.

■ Incredibly Easy to Use: Attractive modern Windows user interface with easy to use buttons and menus. Makes creating E-Books a snap.

■ Complete Documentation: Straightforward documentation explaining every menu option - every command - and every option in the program. The documentation even covers the steps you should take before using the program. - like how to design HTML files that compile into a high quality E-Book.

■ Compatibility: E-Books created using Activ E-Book use the exact same "engine" as Internet Explorer. This means total compatiblility with the world's most popular web browser including support for HTML, DHTML, images & animations, JPEG and PNG graphics, JavaScript, VBScript, and most Internet Explorer plug-ins.

■ Internet Linking: Use standard HTML features to include links to relevant web sites in your E-Book. When a user clicks on a link to a web site, the program even opens Internet Explorer giving them a chance to connect if they're not already connected. ...And yes, you can even link to your own web site to draw traffic!

■ Password Protection

■ Powerful Testing Features: Test out how your E-Book would look and work with and without the correct password (assuming you have one) - switch between the 2 modes at any time with a click of the mouse. Compile or Run your E-Book in seconds for truly Rapid Application Development.

■ Save your Projects: Unlike some other compilers you don't have to re-input all your settings each time you want to create a new version of an E-Book. Simply save all your settings - and continue later at any time you're ready.

■ HTML Protection: Right-mouse clicking is controlled by your choice of setting in your E-Books. You can disable it completely or allow access to a limited menu (which does not include View Source). This helps protect your HTML source and stop thieves from easily stealing your valuable page designs.

■ Branding: Every E-Book you create includes your name, your company name, your copyright message, and even a link to your web site - and your e-mail address or auto-responder address if you want it! (various options in the compiler, may allow you to turn off visible display of most of this info, or design your own page for it, if wanted).

■ Unique Serial Numbers: Every E-Book includes a unique serial number (we call this an "ESBN" - it's a similar idea to "ISBNs" used for off-line books). This gives you yet another way to keep track of, and manage distribution.

■ Viral Marketing: You can create and give away free E-Books, and allow others to do the same. As word about your E-Book spreads, more and more people may distribute your E-Book, and each one becomes a Self-Replicating Traffic Generator.

■ Icon Customization: Every E-Book can have its icon. The software comes with over 700 icons for you to choose from - or you can create your own unique icons in your favorite icon editor. (icon editor not included)

■ Shareware-Style E-Books: Set your E-Books to expire after a set number of days or uses, unless the password is entered. Giving your users a free trial of all or part of your E-Book is an incredibly powerful tool that can skyrocket your sales.

■ User Interface Customization: Turn on or off the availability of toolbars, status bars, colors, text labels on buttons, and more. Create kiosk-style E-Books. Customize the colors of "system" pages. Choose the starting screen position and size of your E-Books. You can even set your E-Books to float on top of other windows (great for instructional guides).

■ Splash Screens and Start-Up Messages: Add a splash screen graphic to your E-Book and/or a pop-up message box.

■ Built-in Search Engine: An extremely customizable search engine is built-in to your E-Books. If you are creating references or How To manuals, your readers will love this feature.

■ Auto Installation Options: Your E-Book can prompt users when first run, and add its icon automatically to the Start menu or Desktop.

■ Add-In Programs/Scripts: Kick-off external programs or files on specified events such as when your E-Book is started or closed, or when the correct or incorrect password is entered.

■ File Compression: Creating really large E-Books? You'll be glad to know the latest version of Activ E-Book automatically compresses all your files when compiling E-Books. This can significantly reducing the file size and making it easy and quick for users to download your E-Books.

■ Integrity Self-Check: E-Book's created with Activ E-Book Compiler perform a self-test on start up. If you're planning on distributing E-Books over the Internet, you'll be pleased know this gives you protection from common file corruption problems that can be caused by "noisy" modems or Internet connections.


■ Internet Explorer 4 or 5 or 6 or later installed on your system


■ Ebooks created with the unregistered version may not be sold