As we meet new individuals and possible business prospects its hard to keep track of each one's private details. As a solution, simpler or more complex utilities have been developed to fit everyone preferences.

Active Phonebook is a sophisticated and intuitive program that comes bundled with few useful options to offer a simple yet professional method to manage contacts.

It's wrapped in a stylish and well-organized layout structured in several distinct panels, such as groups and tasks at the top, while at the bottom you can find the records and the editor. The whole alphabet is located in the lower part of the window, handy to quickly filter the contacts.

From the menu, you are able to make a new database by giving it a proper name, repair, back up, and restore it. From there you can also import contacts from CSV, TXT, VCF, and VCARD files, and export the current ones to the same formats.

The app provides a few examples right from the start that can be used to learn what each function does. In addition to the predefined groups, you are able to make new ones, to accurately organize the entries. In order to create a new contact, you have to fill in several important fields, such as full name, identity, different phone numbers, address, city, state, email, website and additional notes.

A more detailed view of the individual can be seen by pressing the Properties button, where other relevant info may be entered. Among them can be found company name, job title, department, chief, and a profile picture in one of the supported types (BMP, JPG, GIF).

It's possible to schedule multiple tasks for the same individual, by entering the subject, category (general, payment, order, personal), contact, phone, email, description, alert time, and recurrence. What's more, the app lets you set a custom password to protect your records from being modified and read.

To sum it up, Active Phonebook is a reliable and user-friendly application designed to provide a complete and easy way to add, view, call, and manage private and business contacts.