If you are trying to improve your typing speed but you have made no considerable improvements, you should have a look at Active Typing Tutor. It comes packed with several typing courses, games, and statistics to evaluate your performance.

The utility gives you the possibility to work with three learning modules, namely Studying, Review and Statistics. You can get familiar with the program’s settings by accessing the built-in interactive tutorial.

Active Typing Tutor helps you make keyboard exercises. You are introduced to new letters at the beginning of each chapter and need to press them several times to learn the finger movements.

Other exercises allow you to practice by typing simple words that contain the letters you have learned, as well as sentences and paragraphs. At the end of a text exercise, you can view information about your efficiency.

To make the experience enjoyable and fun, Active Typing Tutor comes with support for games, namely Bubbles, Clouds and WordTris. They are all dedicated to helping you learn how the letters are placed on the keyboard and remember their position.

What’s more, you are allowed to review the letters that were difficult to type during the exercises, check out graphs with difficult keys, as well as get statistics about your typing speed and efficiency.

After you learn to type all letters accurately, you can opt for typing stories. You can choose between several preset ones and stop the typing process and return to it later on.

You can opt for a complete training course or study only the numeric keypad, specify the amount of time needed to complete a lesson, enable or disable sound effects, use a normal or large font, and pick the preferred keyboard type (e.g. QWERTY, English, French, German).

All in all, Active Typing Tutor makes it easier for you to learn how to type fast and correctly. The intuitive design makes it suitable for rookies and professionals alike.