We live in a time where being multi-tasking should be second nature, so it's easy to understand why most of us might forget half the things that we may have to do, so keeping notes becomes mandatory.

ActiveInbox is a lightweight  extension for Google Chrome that will allow you to turn your Gmail into an easy-to-use and user-friendly task manager to never forget anything important at work.

This Google Chrome extension's purpose is a simple one: turn your Gmail client into a task manager, so any assignment, project, or just about anything that has a due date will always be done on time

Stop emails sinking into the inbox swamp by turning them into tasks with due dates and adding them to projects.

Don't 'send and pray' emails you spent precious time writing. Deliver at the time they'll be read and let ActiveInbox track them to completion.

Achieve inbox zero, then glide through your day, by having just one place to focus on emails and tasks, and breaking your Today list into digestible chunks.

All you have to do is assign a due-date to any email, both received and sent, and you will be notified with intelligent popups when it is time to get things going.

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