It can be difficult for software developers to ensure only the latest versions of their applications are being used, especially if the products do not come with a “check for updates” function.

Actual Updater is a relatively simple program that enables you to create an updater utility that can be distributed along with your software. It is very easy to use, and it offers extensive documentation.

The configuration utility is designed to generate an “Updater.ini” file based on information provided by the user, and this document, along with the “Updater.exe” file, needs to be distributed to your customers together with the product.

While the updater itself does not need to be modified in any way, it relies on information extracted from the created INI file in order to determine whether or not an update is required.

Once you have understood how the software is meant to be used, you can select the target application and specify where information about the product’s current version should be extracted from.

The update information file contains data about new releases, and it can be created manually or by relying on the configuration tool. This document then needs to be uploaded to your web server so that the updater utility can access it.

Actual Updater features a minimalistic user interface, and some brief instructions are displayed in the main application window to help first-time users.

A more extensive user manual is available online, and it would be wise to consult it if you run into any issues, as it offers detailed explanations.

In conclusion, Actual Updater is a fairly straightforward application that can be used by software developers to create updaters for their products with very little effort. The whole process is reduced to a few simple steps, and detailed documentation is available.