Relaxing on a river bank is something we all wish we could do every now and then. However, our busy lives keep us from taking too many breaks. AD Eagle River is an animated wallpaper that can transport you straight in the middle of nature.

The utility replaces your regular wallpaper with a beautiful nature scene. It illustrates a slowly flowing river, with a shore full of trees, while a mountain can be seen in the background. The clear blue sky is only streaked with soaring eagles; the water is silently cut by ducks, while fish slowly swim right beneath the surface.

The image is accompanied by soothing nature sounds made by various insects, birds and other animals in the nearby forest.

AD Eagle River gives you the opportunity to change the animation’s size to one of the available options (original, fit to screen and fullscreen). The image quality can also be adjusted to one of the three settings (low, medium and high).

Furthermore, if you don’t want to play the sound, the app can be muted from the interface.

A few minutes spent watching this wallpaper are sure to relax you a bit and even make you start planning for at least a weekend trip, if not a longer vacation.

AD Eagle River is a nice program that is easy to install and customize. Inexperienced users should have no problems in figuring out how to work with this software, thanks to its intuitive interface and overall simplicity.