We’ve all been there: wanting to access a particular web page, and having ourselves annoyed by countless ads and other types of content, which just won’t go away, making the entire browsing experience a nightmare. Not to worry, there are dedicated browser extensions that offer ad-blocking capabilities, ensuring that such issues are a matter of the past. However, what makes AdBlocker Ultimate so different, is the fact that it allows one the liberty of managing the adblocking scheme for all your browsers, from within a single, centralized, desktop platform.

We enjoyed the prompt deployment process, as well as the tray-area icon access, which makes the entire ad-blocking endeavor a quite subtle one. What’s also quite nice, is the three-level approach, offered on the main interface.

Using it, one can quickly adjust the status of the real-time protection, preview a log of the past events, as well as toggle the ad-blocking capabilities on the different browsers. All from within a single screen, without having to enter any menus or configuration processes.

If we stated above that the minimalist approach provided on the main interface offers quick control over the different parameters, when one does choose to tweak things further, the application meets such requirements with an impressive amount of customization on offer.

We honestly believe that the number of menus and subsequent entries that are provided in the application’s settings section, can allow for a quite ample customization process.

AdBlocker Ultimate is here to offer you a unified tool for controlling and avoiding ads in your Internet browsing experience, in multiple browsers, simultaneously.