If you have work under the form of PDF files and plan to share or upload them to the Internet, you might want to do something in regard to copyright. If you are happy with letting everybody know whose work is that, a watermark will suffice. Applying a watermark is relatively easy, and Add Watermark to PDF can achieve that in a couple of seconds.

After the installation is over, and you get to access the UI, look for the Add Files button. If you have more than one file to process, that is not an issue, in fact, you can load as many files as the list is able to hold and apply the watermark for all of them. In case you have uploaded a file that was not supposed to be stamped, you can select it, and remove it. Also, if you change your mind on with a list of PDFs, you can click on Clean Files to remove all entries.

By default, the application offers you three watermark models that help you understand how a PDF will look after stamping. The models can be found under the Template List menu, but they are useless in their original form. Opening the settings menu will allow you to modify these after your needs.

To create a personalized watermark, you have to select a template and edit it. The first thing you can change is the stamp's text, which will determine the markings on your files. After that, you can pick the color, font size, opacity, and page range.

Add Watermark to PDF is a simple way of signing your PDF files. No matter how many files you process at once, the application will stamp them all with a watermark of your design.