AdGuard VPN for Firefox provides a trustworthy extension that makes it possible to encrypt data traffic mediated by the browser. The addon brings to the table the convenience of having an active VPN connection directly into the browser, while preserving and offering the advantages of a virtual private network.

The addon is easily installed, as Firefox automatically detects and adds it to its list of extensions, once you confirm the list of permissions. The new AdGuard VPN icon appears almost instantly in the browser’s toolbar. Clicking on it reveals a popup window where you can see the connection status, which is initially disabled.

You can toggle the VPN connection on with the click of a button, without even looking to see which VPN server to use. That is because AdGuard VPN for Firefox automatically detects the server that is closest to your location and that will offer the highest transfer speed and automatically selects it as default. Evidently, you can change the server’s location manually if you want to.

Once connected, all the data traffic is redirected to the selected VPN server. The default configuration is to reroute all the traffic from all the pages you land on. However, there is also a so-called “Selective mode”, which enables you to build a list of websites that should be accessed via VPN. The rest will be accessed without VPN. Unfortunately, there is no way to define exceptions in the “Regular mode”.

One easy way to switch from the regular to the selective mode is via the context menu. Furthermore, you can also disable the VPN connection for the page you are currently visiting.

The benefits of a virtual private network are well-known. Aside from securing and encrypting the Internet connection, it helps you avoid online trackers and bypass geographical-based restrictions. Moreover, rerouting the browser traffic with AdGuard VPN makes it possible to hide your real identity, as the extension is configured to block WebRTC, which webpages use to detect the visitor’s IP address.

While there are various VPN solutions out there, even for the desktop, it seems like a browser VPN is one of the most facile methods to protect your online privacy and secure your online presence. And if you prefer Chrome to Firefox, you can download AdGuard VPN for Chrome instead.