Adolix PDF Converter is an application capable of converting any printable file into a PDF document. It enables you to configure output settings, such as page rotation and resolution. Adobe Acrobat or other PDF software products are not required.

After a brief and uneventful setup operation, you can either launch the program by double-clicking the executable file or by accessing the printing function of any application that supports it.

It's possible to preview the PDF doc in the main configuration panel, zoom in and out, fit the page to the screen, open it in your default PDF viewer, as well as save it to file by specifying the output directory and filename. The PDF metadata can be edited when it comes to the title, author, subject and keywords.

Furthermore, Adolix PDF Converter can be asked to automatically rotate pages by 90, 180 or 270 degrees, set the resolution to any DPI you indicate, opt for non-zero or full overprint, as well as convert binary data to ASCII85.

It's also possible to export all pages or just a specified range to BMP, JPG, PNG or TIFF format after defining the base file name and saving directory. Existing file names can be overwritten or skipped.

PDF conversion tasks were carried out fast, during which the tool remained light on system resources consumption, thanks to the fact that it needed a low amount of CPU and RAM to work properly. It was stable throughout our tests, without causing the operating system to hang, crash or prompt error messages.

Unfortunately, it hasn't received updates for a long time. Otherwise, Adolix PDF Converter comes bundled with practical and approachable options to help you put together PDFs and common photos from any printable files.