AdsKiller is a software application that can block annoying advertisements on your web browser when navigating the Internet, thus eliminating unwanted graphical elements and improving page loading speed.

It offers support for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and others, and contains advanced settings which are easy to configure, even by less experienced users.

Before installation, the tool asks you to close your web browsers. Aside from this, you must have .NET Framework installed.

The main window has a clean and intuitive structure, giving you the possibility to select the types of ads to block between banners, text ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, and rich media. The severity level can be set between low, medium and high, as well as turned off if you want to temporarily deactivate the program without having to exit it.

AdsKiller reveals statistics with the number of terminated ads for each previously mentioned category, and these counters can be reset with one click. Moreover, you can disable the tool for Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera, restore it for all, as well as create a whitelist with websites to keep ads running for. Any entry from this list can be removed if you change your mind.

It's equipped with comprehensive, yet approachable options for getting rid of unwanted ads while surfing the web. It used low CPU and RAM, so it didn't hog system resources.

On the other hand, we couldn't get it to run on newer Windows models. This is likely due to the fact that it has compatibility issues, since AdsKiller hasn't been updated for a long time. Nevertheless, you can test the trial for yourself. It's geared toward all types of users, whether or not they have experience with ad blockers.