Have you ever entered a store, mall, or other commercial building and wondered what instruments they're using to keep a non-top stream of music and announcements throughout the day? Well, ADSound is one of the answers — a neat application intended for businesses like stores, restaurants, malls, markets, hotels, spas, museums, or any other enterprise that looks forward to using music to entertain customers, and announcements to keep the staff informed.

The interface is a bit rough on the edges, in a sense where it is quite small for a first-time user. Additionally, it cannot be resized, which can feel annoying at times. Still, being an automated sound tool, dealing with the UI won't be such a chore, especially since the settings require way more attention than the main layout.

MP3 files, pre-recorded messages, and radio stations can blast through your business confinements if configured properly. Delving into the app's settings reveals ways of setting up what is to be played during specific weekdays, covering all seven days. If you wish to start the day with music for your employees, you can do that. When the customers are allowed in, you can put out advertisement or radio station, promoting your products or accommodating the masses.

Scheduling announcements requires a start and end date. One can place ads in random queues, well-determined time intervals, or specific days of the week. In short, working directly in the app is not meant to be done daily; just automate whatever you need to put out and enjoy your free time.

ADsound might be worth a try if you are looking to automatize the way you put out information and entertainment through the sound system. Even if it may look a bit harsh in the beginning, the learning curve is pretty clean, especially since you don't have to deal too much with it after everything was set up.