Imagine quickly building up a list of hundreds - even thousands - of article directories to submit to. Imagine, just for a moment, spinning an article, then submitting to each one, knowing your article is completely unique. Imagine being able to build up hundreds of legitimate back links, all pointing to your web site.

What's that going to do for your ranking? BUT IT WILL TAKE YOU A BIT OF WORK TO SET UP EACH ARTICLE READY FOR ADSPINNER TO DO ITS MAGIC. You'll have to be able to write your article, then one or two or more (how many is up to you) articles, each with the same number of paragraphs, with the sense of each paragraph in every version being roughly the same.

Then you'll have to write 10 or 20 different titles, resource boxes, keyword groups, too, in order for ADSpinner to 'spin' them successfully. BUT ONCE DONE, YOU'LL BE ABLE TO SUBMIT A UNIQUE ARTICLE TO HUNDREDS AND EVEN THOUSANDS OF DIRECTORIES!

ADSpinner is a small and easy to use article spinning application.