Portable document format files, or PDF for short, are a pretty popular document type, given the difficult edit mode, and enhanced security options. These can contain different types of content, and are used in most domains of activity. As such, Adult PDF Encrypt comes as a tool with which to secure confidential PDF files.

As far as the visual design goes, the application doesn’t want to pose any accommodation problems. It features as large section where all files up for the process are displayed, with detail headers like source, destination, as well as result status. The upper toolbar holds necessary functions, while the status bar shows process details.

It’s a good idea to pay a visit to the configuration panel first. Here you find a set of options to specify how files are handled, and where to save them, encryption details related to the password and algorithm to use, as well as an info section, which makes it possible to add title, subject, author, keywords, and creator.

This application isn’t required to open encrypted PDF files, so you only need to remember the configured password. You get to choose from algorithms like RC4 and AES, with the possibility to encrypt print, copy, and modify permissions, thus making them inaccessible unless the appropriate password is provided.

Needless to say that the only supported import format is PDF. On the bright side of things, there’s the possibility to load multiple files, as well as the content of an entire folder. Pay attention to the save location, which you specify from the settings panel. Sadly, the application can’t be used to remove passwords from encrypted PDF documents.

Bottom line is that PDF documents can hold confidential info, and it’s always a good idea to be on the safe side. Adult PDF Encrypt is a reliable method to put a lock on them, with additional options to encrypt different permissions. Multiple documents can be encrypted at a time.