Using Advanced Access To HTML Table Converted, the user is able to execute statements on Microsoft Access databases, using one of the two options offered by the application: Access 2007 or Access 97-2003. Because you may wonder why more than one options are offered, we should mention that there are a few differences between the two.

Beside the database engines, which are the same for both, the 97-2003 version doesn’t have workgroup security but the 2007 version does. The Database Encryption is weak and access-specific for the 93-2007 version but, for Access 2007, the encryption type is Windows Cryptographic API.

While using the program, Advanced Access To HTML Table Converter, and before anything can begin, the user must select the Input File. Doing so, the customer must choose one of the two options given by the application, either Access 97-2003 or Access 2007.

Unlike other applications of the same nature, this one doesn’t spend too much time gathering and displaying data. Afterward, we can use SQL Select Query to give commands to the application. More than a single command can be entered, thus making it easier to complete the actions.

When data is accessible within the database, we might want to introduce a few columns. Advanced Access To HTML Table Converted gives the user this option, along with entering the name for each one of them.

After the user is finished with getting the information from the database and is done editing, the output directory can be set. Of course, if the user needs more files generated, he or she can give names to these final documents.

In conclusion, Advanced Access to HTML Table Converter is an easy to use program and has a simple interface. It ran well during our tests and, although there are many pages available online for such actions, the application is good for a more personal use.