Sometimes, working on your computer with idle programs or services can prove to be inefficient, mainly because some of them might unexpectedly close at some point.

However, you can prevent important programs from closing by monitoring them constantly and relaunching them if this should happen with software solutions such as Auto Restart Professional.

As stated before, this application can help you monitor various applications from your computer and, in case one or more of them unexpectedly close, relaunch them as soon as possible.

This can be extremely handy especially if you own a server and host various services on it. For instance, you host a game server, and it shuts down, making it inaccessible.

Auto Restart Professional can help you monitor up to eight applications, giving you enough elbow room to include several applications, each with its individual settings profile. When you configure the apps, you can assign them titles and define arguments that will be included when starting them.

If any of your specified executables fails to launch, you can use the Command Line section that lets you force-launch it from the CMD by simply typing a corresponding command in the designated field. As before, you can include up to eight commands in this section.

Whenever an application that you monitor shuts down, you can receive an email notification by simply configuring the said service from the "E-Mail Notification Setup" window.

Therefore, you need to define an SMTP server, a username, a password and an SMTP port, enable SSL if you want and typing the desired recipients in the "To" and "From" fields. You can also choose to send notifications to multiple recipients.

All things considered, if you want an easy way to monitor various apps on your computer and restart them if they unexpectedly close, you can turn to Auto Restart Professional. It supports up to eight apps and can send you email notifications in case anything happens.