Advanced Audio Recorder is a software application which makes it possible to record audio passing through any sound cards.

Using this program you can select from different formats to save audio files to, like MP3, OGG, WMA and WAV, and give your recording the quality it deserves.

By applying different presets, an MP3 file's quality can range from phone sound (MPEG 2.5, Layer 3, 16 kbps, Mono) to super sound (MPEG 1, Layer 3, 320 kbps, Stereo), making professional studio options available to anyone.

In addition, specific settings can be configured when it comes to the channel mode (Stereo, Joint Stereo, Dual Channels, Mono), constant bit rate (32 kbps - 320 kbps) or variable bit rate with a customizable quality level and the capacity to write XING-compatible variable bit rate headers.

Moreover, Advanced Audio Recorder can have a custom output directory and hotkey combination defined for your favorite functions. Scheduled tasks let you record your favorite radio show or podcast, automatically and at a later time. Once enabled, "Automatic Gain Control" sets a low or high level of gain in decibels (depending on your preferences), or an attack time with a custom millisecond value, in the attempt to normalize volume level.

To sum up, Advanced Audio Recorder is a great recording tool with the capacity to please even picky users who are looking for studio quality sound. The user-friendly interface has a nice design while impact on system performance is minimal.