It's not always easy to put a multitude of images in the same document, regardless of its purpose, especially when the photos you have come in different sizes and orientations, yet there are various tools that can help you adjust images according to your needs in no time.

Advanced Image Resizer 2007 is a piece of software built specifically for this, allowing you to easily resize a large number of images to a pre-defined size with only a few mouse clicks.

The application comes with a simple interface that allows you to select the files you want to process, to preview them, and to remove those that you no longer want to resize.

You can also set specific tasks to be performed on the files you have added to the list, provided that you want to have them saved in multiple sizes.

The application allows you to apply a range of resampling filters on your photos, while also providing you with the option to choose between various sizes for the output files. You can have your images resized to a specific percentage of the original, or you can set custom width and height values for them.

The software also comes with support for applying watermarks to images, and allows you to select the specific watermark you want to add, its position, or transparency, so that the resulting photos are indeed tailored for your needs.

With the help of this software, you can process a multitude of images at the same time, apply watermarks to all of them or resize them to specific values to fit a presentation or another document, while also enjoying fast operations.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is the fact that the app comes with a somehow outdated user interface, and that some menus feature slow transitions that could lead you to thing that this is not a snappy piece of software after all.

In conclusion, Advanced Image Resizer 2007 is a tool that delivers to its promise, making it easy to resize multiple images with only a few clicks, and which is also capable of offering fast performance capabilities, despite the fact that it might seem rather old.