Advanced Invisible Keylogger Removal Tool is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you remove Advanced Invisible Keylogger files and registry keys from your system.

Advanced Invisible Keylogger is a type of malware infection able to corrupt system files, delete important data randomly, show all sorts of popups and notifications, and steal sensitive information from your computer.

The tool reveals a straightforward design that helps you scan your computer using automatic actions. An automatic scan mode is triggered when you run the utility for the first time on your computer.

At the end of the process, Advanced Invisible Keylogger Removal Tool reveals the total number of infected files along with the location of each item. Plus, you are allowed to select the files that you want to include or exclude in/from the deletion process, and opt for running a new scan. There’s no support for multiple scan methods (quick and full).

Tests have shown that the application accomplishes a task in a short amount of time but this pretty much depends on the size of the files on the target disk. It is not a resource hog so your computer’s performance is not affected.

The deletion task can be carried out with a single click. The tool automatically creates a report with the scan results and saves it on your desktop. This one contains the necessary information for removing the infected files from your computer without having to go through another scan process.

Advanced Invisible Keylogger Removal Tool comes packed with additional utilities that help you revert all browser settings in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome to the default options, as well as protect your removable devices like USB flash drives against viruses.

In conclusion, Advanced Invisible Keylogger Removal Tool has to offer simple options for detecting and removing all Advanced Invisible Keylogger entries. It does not act as an antivirus application, so you are not protected against the latest threats in real time.