Multimedia content comes under a lot of forms, or better yet file formats. Not all players are capable of reading the majority of file formats out there, but it usually depends on the codecs installed on your computer. The preferred player is also important, and Advanced Music Organizer wants to make sure you can enjoy nearly any type of content.

The application takes relatively little time to install, and it’s ready by the time setup is over. To fully enjoy the experience, it’s recommended to also install Karaoke for DirectX and K-Lite Codec Pack Full, which are bundled in the installer so you can skip them if already on your computer.

In fact, the application heavily relies on codecs installed on your computer, so it’s not really its fault if you encounter errors while attempting to play a particular file format. As such, file support is as rich as you allow it to be by either installing the recommended codec pack, or any other you consider enables playback for formats of interest.

You’re able to comfortable enable simple playback of multiple files by choosing to open them via the browse dialog. It’s also a good idea to toggle the visibility of the playlist if you choose this type of playback.

Things get more interesting when building the music database. Although it can feel like an inconvenience to some, the application more or less forces you to organize your entire library in folder structures to match file format, genre, artist, and any additional details. There’s also an example showing you how files can be organized.

The music database can then be explored through a dedicated side panel. Hotkey support makes it possible to control playback options from the keyboard. However, the application can shine when it comes to playback of karaoke files, especially since it also supports videos. Media DVDs can also be read and controlled through context menu functions.

All things considered, we can state that Advanced Music Organizer is a reliable multimedia player which encourages you to neatly organize your music collection in folder structures. It supports playback of various files, given the right codecs are on your computer, being worth your while overall.