Advanced PDF Printer is an ActiveX component that can integrate with both desktop and web programs whose functionality should include printing PDF files.

As for the programming language Advanced PDF Printer can be used with, you can rest assured that you are covered if you rely on any of the following: JavaScript, Delphi, ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB, VB.NET, VBA, J#.NET, HTML, VC++, and more.

The DLL allows you to print PDFs in single or batch mode, regardless of whether the files are local or remote, with the effort involved in the entire process being insignificant. Moreover, choosing the printer that should carry out the task is possible, with support for various models being provided, including laser, Inkject, thermal, ticket printers, and so on and so forth.

Turning to wildcards is possible, and printing lists of PDF should raise no difficulty whatsoever, which proves the component is all about convenience.

It is also worth pointing out that indicating the number of copies you want to print is an option, and having access to details on the printing progress is a given, including the case in which the process is interrupted due to an error. Once integrated into your product, the component allows it to keep the user fully informed about all the events occurring during the printing process.

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