Advanced Phonebook is a comprehensive application that lets you put together an address book with contacts information. It has rich features and intuitive configuration settings which cater to all types of users looking to better organize data.

It's wrapped in a user-friendly interface that consists of a large window with a simple design and pro-grade structure, where you can explore the default categories and subcategories, such as business (customers, employees, partners, sponsors, suppliers) and personal (family, friends, neighbors, relatives). New ones can be created with comments.

New contacts can be added by specifying a wide range of info, such as full name, title, company, address, city, state, zip code, comment, category and subcategory, phone, fax, Skype and other types of details, along with photos imported from BMP, JPG or GIF files.

It's possible to create favorite contacts for quick access, sort items in the list by any field, clone contacts, edit information, remove them from the database or favorites list, as well as look up contacts by any number, symbol or letter.

There's also an advanced search function that can restrict results by date range (when contacts were added), full name, title, company, comment, address, city, state, postal code, along with phone, fax, email, Skype and other similar details.

Furthermore, you can examine statistics to find out the total number of contacts starting with numbers, letters and each alphabet letter, as well as generate reports with all or filtered contacts to save in column-delimited or tab-delimited format (CSV or HTML).

As far as general preferences are concerned, you can hide any toolbars, panes, toolbar settings or the status bar, select different window and toolbar themes, minimize Advanced Phonebook to the systray, disable warnings when deleting contacts, customize the list and tree font, as well as move the database to another location or create a new one.

To conclude, Advanced Phonebook features rich and intuitive options to help you manage a database with contacts data. CPU and RAM usage was minimal in our tests.