Adware . Look 2 Me Removal Tool is a small software application developed specifically for helping you remove all Adware.Look2Me adware entries running on your computer. The tool is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Adware.Look2Me is an adware infection that displays advertisements in your web browser. This particular Trojan worm makes many changes to your Windows registry. It allows remote access to your private information, like passwords and credit card numbers, changes default settings in your web browser, alters the homepage, causes redirection to wrong websites, track browsing habits, and makes your browser run slower than usual.

Adware . Look 2 Me Removal Tool sports a clean design that allows you to set up the dedicated parameters in a short amount of time. You cannot appeal to a help manual to read more about the configuration process, but you can manage to configure scan and virus removal tasks on your own.

The application offers you the possibility to manually trigger a scan of your entire computer in order to verify if it’s infected with Adware.Look2Me virus. Plus, you are allowed to check out the results once a scan is completed, and remove the target items.

The tool lets you delete all infected files and registry keys. Plus, it makes sure that malicious processes are terminated and prevents them from running upon system reboot.

A few extra features are included in the package for helping you reset all web browser settings in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome to the default values, as well as protect your removable devices against all sorts of threats.

To sum things up, Adware . Look 2 Me Removal Tool comes packed with nothing more than simple options for helping you erase Adware.Look2Me infected files from your PC. You still need to have an antivirus program installed on your computer, because this virus removal tool does not offer real-time protection against the latest threats.