Aerize Optimizer for Windows 10/8.1 is a user-friendly and effective application that was developed specifically for computers running Windows 8.1 as an operating system, in order to provide you with the reliable means of enhancing the system's performance.

The program can be accessed and installed from the 'Store', so unless you have the required OS, you cannot use Aerize Optimizer for Windows 10/8.1. After installing the utility on your computer, it will quickly analyze your system and display its total storage capabilities.

By pressing the 'Optimize' button in the lower left corner of the window, Aerize Optimizer for Windows 10/8.1 will almost instantly clean your computer of unnecessary files, that eat up your PC's memory. Upon removing from your computer all the temporary Internet files and other useless data, the tool will display the total amount of reclaimed memory.

Moreover, Aerize Optimizer for Windows 10/8.1 offers you the option of activating the 'Garbage Collection' and 'Forced Garbage Collection' features, enabling you to reclaim significant amounts of memory, boosting your computer's performance and making it run faster.

In addition, this efficient tool also provides you with a 'Background Optimization' function that can monitor your system and prevent the occurrence of performance bottlenecks. Also, as your computer's resources become increasingly scarce, the application can reclaim GB of memory in a more aggressive manner.

Aerize Optimizer for Windows 10/8.1 can prove a useful ally in trying to obtain an ideal performance level from your Windows 8.1 machine, by helping you get rid of superfluous data and boosting its memory, even when you are not actively monitoring your PC or manually cleaning it.