Many applications include built-in functions that allow you to send e-mails, but they usually cannot use a webmail account to do so. By using Affixa as your default mail utility, you can send messages directly from various programs, via your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Zimbra or Office 365 accounts.

It is an easy-to-use tool that requires minimal configuration and can help you greatly speed up your work.

After launching Affixa, you can add various webmail accounts and have the application connect to them automatically. It supports addresses created in Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Zimbra or Office 365.

You can then make one of them your default mail account, so that it is used whenever you want to send an e-mail message from another program.

When you choose to send an e-mail by using a program's mail function, Affixa can create a draft of the message in your default webmail client or even send it automatically, provided certain preset parameters are met.

After creating a draft, the application can show it in a web browser, display a confirmation message or simply close it and allow you to send it at a later date.

Affixa enables you to create file baskets, containing documents that you wish to send via e-mail. Once you have loaded a list, you can have the application automatically create a draft containing all the attachments.

If the files you want to send are too large to be handled by a particular webmail provider, the program can automatically upload them to a file hosting service.

To conclude, if you are looking for a way to integrate your webmail account with the mail functions provided by certain applications, you should definitely try Affixa. It is a lightweight and intuitive tool that allows you to send e-mails directly from various programs, via your webmail account.