Accordiva AfterBeep is the intuitive and easy-to-use answering machine and call recorder software for Skype.

Afterbeep is an ideal answering machine software to add on to your Skype application.

AfterBeep lets your Skype contacts to leave a voice mail on your local computer while you are away.

AfterBeep is also a Skype call recorder which gives you the ability to record a Skype conversation during a Skype call or conference call.

Here are some key features of "AfterBeep":

■ Record your Skype voice communications, including voice mail, conversation and conference calls

■ Two great and convenient user interfaces

■ Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface of Quick Panel

■ Easily manage your recorded voice recordings in the Record Panel

■ Archive or lock your critical voice recordings for later use

■ Personalize for your needs and privacy

■ Listen to your voice mails anywhere and anytime with Email voice mails function.


■ Skype 3.0 or above


■ 15 days trial