The reasons why app localization is important are quite obvious since, above all else, it helps you make your product available to the largest possible number of people, from multiple markets all over the world.

If you are in the Android app business and you are looking for the simplest way to localize your projects, then you should read on. As its name states, Agama App Translator for Android is a no muss, no fuss application for Windows that allows you to localize your Android apps using its built-in Google Translator tool.

The first thing you should know concerning this lightweight utility is the fact that it comes with support for XML menu resources files, as well as XML strings and values.

After going through what is a streamlined and typical installation process, you are greeted by the app's simplistic and intuitive user interface. There are no fancy elements or menus since most of the app's features are right on display.

The upper part of the main window hosts the Project structure folder and all the adjacent (translated) items, while the lower part is reserved for the actual Google-vetted translation tool and integrated Notepad.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that working with Agama App Translator for Android is a relatively straightforward process.

Simply load your Android projects, select the specific sections of the strings or local menus that need to be localized, head over to the Google Translator tab and hit the 'Translate' button. It is worth mentioning that the utility allows you to thoroughly filter out and organize the translated items using markings like 'Final Translation,' 'Need Better Translation,' and 'Don't translate.'

All in all, Agama App Translator for Android is a very reliable localization tool that focuses more on purpose that it does on looks. Thanks to its simple installation, novice-accessible UI, and straightforward workflow, it makes Android app localization seem easy even for the most unexperienced users out there.