Agendus for Windows Outlook Edition is a fully customizable add-in that enables you to easily schedule, manage and organize important events and tasks.

With features such as text capturing, Agendus toolbar, contact networking, driving directions, address lookup, weather forecast, voice recording, sketching and much more, you'll love the many new choices you'll get with Agendus for Windows Outlook Edition.

Whether you're tech savvy or not, Agendus for Windows Outlook Edition offers an intuitive interface to make your navigation easier plus a convenient toolbar that enables one-click access to many useful functions.

There are many ways to access your schedule; arrange your calendar in day, week, month, year view or more subviews to see as little or as much detail as you need.

Among the many ways you can view your calendar, this software has a new 5-day Grid to Week View that enables you to view your whole work week in the best detail possible.

You can filter, group and sort your contacts. Type in any portion of your contact's name and Agendus for Windows Outlook Edition will search by filtering matching characters

With time-saving features such as capture text, you no longer have to type as much. Instead, you can populate contacts, meetings, tasks, calls and memo dialogs with text you capture from anywhere in Outlook.

Search for an available time slot in your busy schedule using the Free Time Finder. Once you find an open slot, quickly create new meetings, calls, or tasks from one of our templates straight from the Time Finder dialog.

It's never been easier to manage schedule and contact information between your PC and handheld or smartphone than with these Agendus Bundles.

Agendus for Windows Outlook Edition provides all of the PIM tools you need - Contacts, Calendar, Memos, and To Dos - in one convenient package.