Enjoying all of your favorite songs isn’t necessarily an activity tied to the Internet, but you do need a dedicated application which can read the appropriate formats. These don’t really have to be fitted with a wide range of features for proper playback, so in case you’re looking for a straightforward playback tool, AHPlayer might be what you need.

Setup is over before you realize, and you can choose to have the application launched right after. The visual design might not strike you as appealing, but is intuitive enough to help you quickly get started. A large area is used to display all files you load, while playback controls are found in the upper toolbar.

Sadly, file support doesn’t really help you enjoy a great variety of audio formats, and you can only load those under formats like MP3, and WAV. Adding them is either done through the browse dialog, or simply dropping them over the window. Unfortunately, the list can’t be saved for later playback, and quitting the application discards everything.

In terms of playback controls, you only benefit from a classic set, with play, pause, and stop. Volume can be controlled through a slider, and there’s also one to peek through content. The playlist displays quite the variety of details, which are automatically grabbed from tags, if they exist.

In order to start and stop playback, you completely depend on the interface buttons. The application does not come with any hotkey configurations in this regard, and using a multimedia keyboard here has no effect either.

All things considered, we can state that AHPlayer comes with good intentions, but isn’t really the type of tool to use on the long run to enjoy all of your favorite songs. Sure enough, you can build playlists out of multiple files, but only temporary ones, while controls are limited to interface buttons.