Aid Backup Master is a highly configurable backup program. It will definetly simplify your manual backup operations by means of an easy-to-use interface and a scheduling module.Moreover, it can make all the work automatically, using AutoBackup and Autoseek features. AutoBackup allows to track file changes and to back up modified files automatically in accordance with the time scheduler scheme.

AutoSeek allows to track the creation of new documents and add them to backup list. Backup is very important, but it will really help you only if it can be done fast and efficiently. Otherwise it can become a big problem.

Aid Backup Master uses a backup list principle in its work. You can manually fill the list and make backup copies of the chosen files or let Aid Backup Master do that for you. In automated mode Aid Backup Master uses two features - AutoBackup and AutoSeek used to add files to the list and backup them.

AutoBackup is an intellectual module of ABM which tracks any changes made in files placed in the backup list. Every change is a signal to store one more copy of the file and add it to the archive.

AutoSeek is a very useful part of ABM too. It automatically adds files to the backup list using your terms. When AutoSeek is active, you don't even need to select files you want to save - just tell it what they look like, and all of them will be safe.

Aid Backup Master can store up to 1000 of copies of each document, so if you have made some mistake two months ago you can fix it by a single click calling a half-year old file. You may modify any file in any way, delete it, create new files and it will not damage anyhow the work that you've already done.

Aid Backup Master will easily solve any backup problem.

Here are some key features of "Aid Backup Master":

■ File list based backup

■ AutoSeek

■ Multiple copies allowed

■ Set of System Tray

■ AutoBackup

■ Time Scheduler

■ Easy editing of backup files


■ one month trial