Are you one of those past days nostalgics? Do you miss the old days when there used to be a lot of action even in the calmest of cities? Do you want to hear those alarms and sirens alerting citizens of danger? Well, you don't have to wish for a crisis anymore.

Just head onto Microsoft's Store and download Air Raid Siren yourself, an app created to bring you all sorts of recorded alert sounds that you can loop over and over again. You will love the thrill this app carries with it and will instantly feel those memories of forgotten days back in your mind.

Air Raid Siren is a fun app to deal with. It doesn't really hold any practical value, except maybe a historically driven one. It is fun to play with and, as the developer suggests, could make for a nice prank plan. The sounds you have at your disposal are numerous. You can play, loop and stop them, each action with its own specific color code.

The looping in the app is not entirely accurate as there are long pauses between replays. It is definitely fun to play with even if you do it because you've never heard an air siren in your life. Try all the possible options, and when you're done with that, try to mix and match them. That can only add to the fun.

Air Raid Siren is what most would call a useless app. Its functionality is only viable if we take the historic aspect into account. It's a fun app to play with at your workplace and see how surprised everybody in your office will be, but watch out not to stir up any trouble or the whole point of the application will be ruined along with your attempt at cracking a joke.