There are many specialized software utilities that help users create regular backups of their data, leaving it up to them to select the target location.

airbackup comes with increased security in regards to the data, since it creates the backups in the cloud, thus making it easy for everyone to restore the files on any chosen computer.

Once the application has been installed on your computer, you need to create an account or enter your previously created credentials so as to be able to manage your devices. This is also the moment where you get to select the password that will be later be used to encrypt all your information.

After you complete this step, you can access an intuitive browser-based dashboard where you can specify the type of data you want to backup.

airbackup supports not only files and folders, but also Exchange servers or MySQL and MS SQL databases, depending on the documents you are interested in.

When it comes to retrieving the data you backed up, you can easily explore all backups associated to your account, and choose the one you want to restore.

Next, you get to browse through the files and select the ones you need, assuming you do not want to retrieve all the backup’s contents.

A handy function of airbackup is that you can schedule your backups to be performed automatically as often as you prefer. You can mention the data you want to be backed up, as well as specify the exact time the backup should take place.

Furthermore, you can also set airbackup to send frequent reports to your chosen email address, while also setting bandwidth limits to ensure the download and upload speed do not get higher than a certain value.

All in all, airbackup can prove to a reliable solution for your everyday needs, especially since it can backup files, folders, databases, system state and Exchange servers.