Any computer can benefit from regular maintenance, as various issues can pop up over time, but dealing with them manually is a time-consuming task.

AKick PC Booster is a relatively straightforward software utility that offers an alternative, as it is capable of improving your PC’s performance and freeing up disk space in multiple ways. However, it features an outdated interface and lacks adequate documentation.

It is well known that certain applications can use up a considerable amount of system resources, especially if they are launched automatically at system startup. AKick PC Booster can help you uninstall this software, as well as remove any unwanted startup items.

Additionally, the application displays installed browser add-ons and enables you to remove them from a single unified interface.

The program is capable of scanning your PC for files that have not been accessed for a long time. There is a good chance that these are no longer necessary, but it would be wise to analyze the results before deleting any data.

AKick PC Booster also enables you to clear temporary files and clear the browser history, as well as delete restore points that you feel are no longer required.

While some documentation is available online, it would have been great if a detailed user manual were provided. Advanced users may not find it to be necessary, but novices are likely to require some assistance.

As far as the user interface is concerned, it would certainly benefit from an upgrade, as it looks rather outdated at present.

Overall, AKick PC Booster is a fairly simple application that can help you optimize your system in various ways. It puts a number of useful tools at your disposal, and it features a streamlined, if somewhat outdated user interface.