AL Folder Browser is the program intended for more convenient looking through your folders and files. The program put itself to Autostart folder and once started situates into system tray. You are able to get a fast access to your folders and files at any time.

AL Folder Browser is a software that helps you browse folders.

Floppy disks, hard disks, CD drives and networks drives are supported. You get an ability to define Global Hot keys for the actions shown above as well as use the popup menu called from system tray icon.

The are features which let you shedule the processes of restarting and shutdown your computer. You can determine the time when your computer should be turned off or restarted. Also you can get some information about your hard drives (free space, label, FAT/FAT32/NTFS).

AL Folder Browser helps to receive a lot of information on yours the processor. The following information is accessible: name of CPU (Pentium I-IV, Pentium Pro, Celeron, Athlon, Duron, i486....), vendor, CPU frequency, serial number, FDiv bug (for pentium), CPU type (OEM, overdrive...), extensions CPU, cache information and feature set. CPU of manufacture Intel, AMD, Cyrix are supported

Here are some key features of "AL Folder Browser":

■ The program fits into system tray and does not occupy any place on your desktop or taskbar.

■ It provides faster and more comfortable looking through your folders from the icon on the system tray.

■ It supports viewing of FDD, HDD, CD drives and Network drives

■ There is an opportunity to define Global Hot key for a lot of actions you need

■ There is a scheduler for shutdown and restarting your computer

■ Control panel

■ Screen properties

■ Add/remove programs

■ Internet properties

■ Remoute access

■ Phones properties

■ Clear document history

■ Map network disk

■ Disconnect network disk

■ CD eject

■ CD close

■ Restart Windows

■ Shutdown Windows


■ 30 days trial