Alarm Clock Pro is an efficient and easy to use application whose main purpose is to help you organize your daily schedule, preventing you from missing an important meeting or event.

The intuitive interface allows even the less experienced to quickly create various alarms that can perform numerous functions, such as adjust the system volume, show an alert, perform an AppleScript, play an iTunes song or even open a URL address.

Other functions that can be performed when an alarm rings include playing a multimedia file, pinging a URL, sending an email or a text message and even shutting down your computer. It can also automatically take a screenshot or a web cam shot at a specified moment.

Aside from allowing you to set the alarm whenever you need it, Alarm Clock Pro also enables you to create an exclusion list of specific moments or days when no alarms should go off, like on Sundays, when you simply are not in the mood to be reminded of your tasks.

The scheduled alarms can ring multiple times, but they can be set as private, so they will not appear on your list, but still go off at the appropriate moment.

Aside from the multi-featured alarms, Alarm Clock Pro also provides you with a 'Calendar', a 'Stopwatch', a 'Time Zone Calculator' and a 'Computer Uptime' function, keeping you fully aware of every moment in your day.

Additionally, Alarm Clock Pro allows you to create multiple alarm collections, thus preventing your work schedule from interfering with your personal life events.

Alarm Clock Pro is a great tool for those of you with a busy schedule. It can prove useful especially if you participate in more than one event a day, as it enables you to get the full picture of your daily activities while not allowing them to overlap.