Album DS works as a toolbar for Adobe Photoshop. It gets integrated with the graphic editing application and facilitates an easy solution for creating digital photo albums in a professional manner, such as posters, invitations, thank-you cards or wedding albums with the help of many add-ons.

To be able to work with this tool, it's evidently necessary to have Photoshop installed. However, you can also run it without Photoshop if you just want to take a look and see what it has to offer.

The interface of Album DS is based on a plain-looking window that loads a sample album at startup to demonstrate how it works. When it comes to the templates available, you can apply black squares, classic white or black flowers around the photos, place tiny photos next to one large one, opt for a minimal layout, and use a calendar design, among others.

Template settings can be configured from the right-click menu. It's possible to open and adjust them to the album size without changing shapes, autofill the template with the same image in batch mode, and use it to design the cover or back, for example.

The pictures used for the albums can also be controlled from the context menu, like sorting them by name or EXIF date, exporting the used ones to a folder, changing images or modifying them in layers, or rotating the pics.

Besides photos, you can add as many sheets as you want to the album, along with masks, backgrounds, clipart, frames and styles. Extras includes glamour, teeth whitener, cooling, lighten, white wedding, selection to shape, antique, vintage, old canvas, sepia, cross process, and other filters.

The software application puts an image designer at your disposal with a export-to-Photoshop option. You can generate a web page, create sheet index contacts and album proofing files, split whole sheets, resize the whole album or generate it to file.

Album DS worked smoothly in our tests on Windows 10 and integrated with Photoshop CC 2017 without any issues. It comes bundled with many addons and useful settings to help you design professionally-looking photo albums using Photoshop.