Album Express is an advanced and reliable application aimed to provide you with the ability of designing digital albums from scratch or based on templates, enabling you to generate high-quality results with a minimal level of effort.

The utility’s interface consists of a start screen and a working window, the former allowing you to open an existing project or create a new one, by inputting the name, preset, page size and options, as well as choose whether to split each page into two facing pages.

The working window lets you select the ‘Template’ you want to work with, ranging from one to seven different pictures on the same page, while from the lower tabs, you can add ‘Masks’, ‘Frames’, ‘Cliparts’ or ‘Backgrounds’.

Album Express allows you to add the images you wish to include in the project by double-clicking on the preview window and loading them individually or in batch, then positioning them in the preferred location and adjusting their size to match your needs.

From the context menu, you can configure the ‘Layers’ and ‘Arrange’ the photos in the preferred alignment. Similarly, you can flip the pictures vertically or horizontally. The lower tabs let you apply various ‘Masks’ onto your images, as well as ‘Edges’ and ‘FlipPage’ frames.

The ‘Cliparts’ section offers several different categories of elements you can apply on your pictures, such as flowers, balloons, stars, cartoon characters or artistic swirls. In addition, Album Express lets you adjust the appearance of your images in external photo editors.

As a conclusion, Album Express is a comprehensive and effective software utility that aims to serve in designing photo albums for special occasions, suitable for both professional and regular usage, as it is able to generate great results without too much trouble.