Weddings bring a lot of joy to all of us, especially to the newlyweds, who are making sure to have a wonderful celebration and offer the best to the guests. If you are a professional or novice photographer, and you want to provide the finest services, Album Xpress brings all the necessary tools to create and personalize multiple photo albums for special occasions.

It features various predefined templates and album styles, clipart and beautiful backgrounds. The editor is packed with different elements, helping you to combine text, shapes, frames, masks to get the desired result. The program is wrapped in a user-friendly and modern interface that lets you create either a customized collection or an automatic one where all you have to do is choose the desired option and the app does the rest.

The home screen offers six types of covers (ruby, topaz, diamond, opal, emerald, sapphire) each with distinct decorations and patterns. If you choose the easier method, you are guided through a few important steps, such as selecting the size (e.g. 10x20, 12x18, 12x24) and the number of pages.

Images can be selected from multiple locations, the computer, external hard drives or CDs. A basic photo editor is available at the bottom of the window that lets you correct the brightness, contrast, gamma, and color levels, as well as apply filters, such as blur, mosaic, implode, sepia, or swirl.

The next step is to customize the album's covers and pages, by choosing the template style, the pictures you want inserted on each sheet, the background color that can be set differently for every page, along with elegant or funny clipart and shapes.

It's possible to set a particular border for images to point out the important ones, insert customized text and title in various styles, types and colors, and similar effects as you would when editing a file. Pictures can be rotated 90 degrees clockwise and counterwise, positioned to any location within the panel, and locked in place.

Taking everything into account, Album Xpress is a reliable software utility that comes in handy notably for professional and novice photographers to create luxurious and beautiful albums for special occasions with ease.