With digital cameras and various mobile platforms capable of taking high-quality pictures, with the possibility to easily transfer them to your PC, it has become a common picture viewing tool. There is an abundance of choices when it comes to creating an album, with AlbumAC promising to get the job done fast.

It only takes a couple of minutes to get ahold of the result from the moment the application is launched. The overall process is simple and easy to understand by anyone, thanks to the straightforward design. Files can either be imported individually, from a target folder or by manually dragging desired items over the main window.

However, the application is only capable of processing JPEG image formats, so you need to spend some time converting in case you're using other types of files. Once you're done picking files, a preview displays selected items which are enlisted in a side panel. In addition, a dedicated text field lets you add a description or comment for each picture.

The resulting file is found under the EXE format, with a few configurable settings before it is built. You can provide a custom title, icon, as well as a password so only you can access content. In addition, options let you choose whether or not the application automatically launches a specific viewer you you get to choose upon launch.

Unfortunately, the application does not come equipped with any editing tools whatsoever, so if you want some processing, it's best done before importing them to build an album. Another disappointment is the limited amount of flexibility provided by the actual viewer.

For instance, there are multiple ones, with no possibility to switch between them while active. Moreover, not all of them are equipped with an option to toggle a full screen view, nor a function to create a slideshow for more comfort.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that AlbumAC is not exactly what you'd expect from a modern album making application because of the poor feature set and flexibility. However, it can be used to quickly generate an organized storage area for pictures. What's more, password support makes it practical for personal files found under the JPEG format.