Album Player is a comprehensive software program which comes bundled with a long list of features for playing audio tracks. It is oriented towards users who prefer plenty of configuration settings to tinker with.

Upon initialization, you are required to enter the directory where you want to create the database, as well as to choose the interface skin and primary input device (mouse and keyboard, or touch screen).

The interface of Album Player is sleek and somewhat intuitive; you can check out sample tracks from known artists and preview them in the media player.

The program supports plenty of file types, such as MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, MP4 and MPG. Loading them into the environment can be done by using the file browser or folder view ("drag and drop" is not supported). It is possible to create, manage and edit playlists.

Several features of Album Player focus on the replay gain (volume normalization), crossfade effect, playlist shuffling, auto DJ activation, equalizer, search function, on-screen keyboard, configuration, backup and restoration, and party mode. But you can also sort items by various criteria (e.g. artist, album type, label).

The Preferences section comes with dozens of options. For example, you can reconfigure keyboard shortcuts, make the tool automatically remove tracks from the list after playing them, select the album and track attributes in the album grid and track list, manage add-ons, configure proxy settings, make file associations, as well as change database details (e.g. location, last backup date).

The software app is very responsive to key strokes and mouse events, has a good response time and contains a help file. We have not experienced any issues throughout our testing; Album Player did not hang, crash or pop up errors. To conclude, Album Player offers an impressive range of customization features to users who want to enhance their music listening experience.