Without denying that it does take a certain level of dedication and work, success in the music production industry is also directly proportional to your level of creativity. Then again, even if you are a pretty creative artist, there are always those times when you lack inspiration.

AlgoRhythmia is a lightweight piece of software specially designed for music producers who may need some help on their bad days or who are interested in finding those perfect beats to go with the tunes and melody of the next track they have in mind.

First off, you should make sure that you have the latest version of DirectX on your computer, as otherwise, the program is likely to crash when you are trying to access its functions. The installation is quick, forthright and you should not expect any special events.

The program comes with a user-friendly and well-structured interface, in spite of the fact that it features numerous settings and options. You can enable and disable any instrument, sample and filter you want, as after all, the idea behind the tool is to help you practice with strange beats or tinkering for fun.

While its primary function is to generate random beats that you can test out in a looping program or sequencer, you will be happy to learn that you can also edit these patterns. Consequentially, if you manage to generate a pattern that you enjoy and think has potential, then you improve it by accessing the Pattern Editing setting window.

In case you are feeling uninspired, then you can check out the quality samples that are available with the program, such as 2 Woodblock, 4 Hi Tom, 6 Open Hi-Hat, 6 Crash Cymbal or 3 Cowbell, just to name a few.

Regardless of whether you are just testing your artistic skills or a seasoned musician looking for some inspiration for the next album, AlgoRhythmia can help you experiment with drumbeats and perhaps, enable you to find the beat your audience will adore.