There is no place like a mailbox if you are on the lookout for lots of email addresses to include in your list. However, saving them manually is a tedious and, definitely, not productive task. All Mailbox Email Address Extractor comes to the rescue, providing a quick and easy way to gather all the email addresses in your mailbox and export them in various formats.

The first thing you need to do is connect your email account with the application. You are required to enter your credentials and set the connection server details. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live and are among the supported platforms.

Please keep in mind that it might be necessary to give access permission to the application from your email account settings. If it seems complicated, do not worry, as All Mailbox Email Address Extractor allow you to launch a page with clear instructions.

Once the email account is connected, you can see the folder list and choose the ones to parse. The application can extract email addresses from all the fields in an email (To, From, CC and BCC) and filter them by basic criteria, including the date or the flag (seen/unseen).

All the email addresses found are shown within the main window inside an organized table. You get to explore the email ID and the sender’s name, the subject, header, domain, and date. Additional filters allow you narrow down your search results by domain name, by user or by content.

It is worth noting that you can also connect multiple email accounts to All Mailbox Email Address Extractor. In other words, this application can extract email addresses from more than one mailbox simultaneously.

All Mailbox Email Address Extractor can be used with success as an online marketing tool, since it allows you to build an email database that can be used afterwards as a mailing list of prospective clients. The generated list ca be easily saved as a CSV, Excel or TXT file and used afterwards.